Hardwood Flooring info

Arizona Classic Wood Floors will offer you several services, home improvement; wood flooring installations, hardwood floor sanding, materials delivery, old flooring demolition of tile floors, carpeted floor, wood floors.

There is a wide variety of hardwood floors options available.

When you are ready to have installed your new hardwood floors, our 11 years experience will assure you that it will get done right the first time.From your initial free estimate,to job scheduling and finishing the flooring installation or sanding project on time.

Prefinished and unfinished flooring installations and sanding.

Once you choose your wood floor type for your home & decor improvement, you also have the option to choose between unfinished and prefinished wood flooring. Prefinished floors are easy to install.Also, they have a strong finish (aluminum oxide finish) very hard to scratch, resulting a more durable and a smooth quality finish.

With hardwood floors you have elegance in your home, durability, long-lasting beauty and an endless choice of colors; installing Hardwood floor, Engineered or Laminate floors is a smart choice and we can help you.

Arizona Classic Wood Floors will offer you several services,home improvement,wood flooring installations, hardwood floor sanding, materials delivery, old flooring demolition of tile floors, carpeted floor, wood floors and we canĀ  provide you an initial consultation in order to understand your vision for your renovation project, and we offer a quality service. Our team has the experience and expertise to facilitate prompt, accurate services for your home or business. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can rest assure you that your project will be completed on time, clean and quality work.

Luxury Resilient Plank Flooring; These floors are not only durable, they're also waterproof flooring, now you can have the beauty of natural wood flooring or authentic stone floors anywhere in your home even in areas they hold moisture like bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms. With Luxury resilient plank floors, you'll find beautiful wood and stone look on a tough resilient surface that can easily handle kids, pets, and heavy traffic.

Wood flooring moldings and trims; Stair nose, the stair nose molding is a resilient and durable trim for treads and risers on stairways.It attaches to wood floors on the stair and has a bull nose at the front edge to enhance the beauty of the staircase.

Threshold, the threshold molding is typically used in doorways to finish the gap where the wood floor ends. It's also designed to make different floors fit together such as wood floors to high profile carpeting, sliding doors.

T-Mold, the T-molding bridges the expansion gap between two level flooring surfaces. It's used in doorways to join wood floors and is recommended when making a transition from wood floors to another floor of a similar height such as ceramic or porcelain tile.

Reducer, the reducer is used and designed to create a smooth transition between two flooring surfaces or floors of different heights such as low profile flooring surfaces.

Types of wood floors; solid hardwoods, oak, walnut, Brazilian cherry, exotic floors, red mahogany, bamboo, white oak, red oak, maple, ash, pine, hickory, distressed floors, acacia, birch, parquet.